No Barriers Warriors

Two summers ago I had the opportunity to join this fine organization out of Colorado for a week of Rocky Mountain hiking.  I had heard about it from another soldier while we both attending a Wounded Warriors retreat, in Colorado.  Do you sense a theme here, um Colorado?  Anyway, with NB, I hiked approximately; 30 miles in 5 days.  Just west of the Rocky Mountain National Park.

I had got the call from one of the counselors asking about my application literally days upon returning from the WW trip.  When I did get the call I was so ecstatic, I had to pull my truck over.  yes, I was that excited.  I love to hike, I love the mountain and we were going camping. In Colorado! Dude, this was surreal. From the movement, I was picked up at Denver airport until the moment I was returned my experience was unreal.

The guides I will call them were simply amazing.  So down to earth and friendly.  the group supplied you with the gear you were lacking.  But the trip itself.  We hiked through some of the most pristine country known to man.  Since I went the last week of July, the days were comfortable and the nights just cool. During the time there I was able to release some inner demons that haunted my soul.  Demons that I had kept deep down inside.

If you are a vet and need something like this, there is a link on my favorite links tab that will take you there.  I highly suggest those in need, take advantage of it.  I currently have another application in for a climb to the summit of Mt Whitney.  For those that are unaware, Whitney is the highest peak in the lower 48. I just hope I get selected.




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