What happened to humanity

I medically retired from service in 2011.  From that point on, my faith in humanity has tested me, daily.  From both a professional perspective and a personal perspective.  I have never met so many pompous, pretentious and coincided people. People are so self-centered and only want to take and rarely give.  It’s my own option that people themselves are the center of many problems in today’s society.  People are so tenacious when it comes to making own self look good, but rarely give a dam about the ones they abused.

As a leader in the military, my philosophy was, I need to train those below me because one day they will have my job.  I never planned to stay in the same position for ever.  Even in civilian jobs, always train those to do your job, and learn the job you want to.  I said it once before and I will say it again.,  Any leader should be tactically and technically proficient. Before I even assumed a position as an NCO, I had learned this from reading.

I have met one to many people that have one but not the other characteristics mentioned above.  One of my greatest pet peeves is having a leader that is incompetent in his/her work.  In forty-five years, I have never assumed a role I was not sure of. For instance, as a desk Sgt in the AF, I originally turned it down, I had to do more research.  However, once on the desk, I shinned liked a penny in wishing pond.  Another time, I was voted president of a youth group, I had started.  I held that position until I graduated.

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