Book number 4.


So, in my 45 years I never imagined writing could be so much fun.  Yes, it is really enjoyable.  It gives me the chance the tell a story.  Early on in my life I published some poems I had written. Actually my poems were selected from 100’s of students.  Somewhere I have the book.  Since that time I had not considered writing, well besides school and college.  When I retired from the service, I began to write down stories of my time in.  That book remains on my hard drive, half finished.  Then I began to write a book on a military love affair.  The book also is on my hard drive, unfinished.  This forth book, The Renegade Trapper, is 40% complete and I add more each day. This book is a thriller/suspense and that’s all I can tell you. Check out the promo video here.The Renegade Trapper I have only begun working on it about a week.  I have a release date set for July 4th 2018.  The book can be pre-ordered on Amazon for the low price of $6.99.  Please help support me in this and get your copy.  As of right now, only e versions are available.  i do however plan to have it available in print soon.  As always hike more, worry less.

The Hiking Swede.

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