What a crappy week

I don’t even know where to begin. Oh, I know, I fucking hate people.  People are so self-absorbed, self-centered and self-indulgent.  I don’t know how people can have existed for so long.  Don’t ponder on that. That in itself is an entirely separate topic.

I have learned over the years, the only person that cares about you well is you.  Years ago I would believe people actually gave a flying fuck.  Ask me that same question today, ya not so much.  OK let me give a little credit to mankind.  MAYBE 1 out of 20 mouth breathers actually cares about others.  However, those people are like trying to find the source of a natural gas leak on a cow farm.

How many times have you yourself heard, we are here to help, your health is our priority, you matter, etc, etc, etc?  Bunch of bullshit smoke if you ask me.  People are dicks, plain and simple.  They have one agenda, themselves.  and making them self-looking good at any cost or the expense of others.

I consider myself pretty articulate, educated and diverse.  With an IQ of 160, 4 college degrees and passion to plow through the bullshit, I consider myself different.  I never have liked people or putting myself around people. Side note,  However, I’m an excellent public speaker.  I just imagine an empty auditorium.  I have a very small group of friends.  Actually, I can probably use one hand to figure out my friends.  And this is by choice.  I don’t trust people and it takes a lot to get me to trust you.

If I could create a utopian world for me… High in the mountains, writing out of passion, and living my life.  Not a living soul around.  Well,  contrary to what I said earlier, I do love my wife and children.  These people I welcome in my circle. But all these self-absorbed fucking mouth breathers that only look out for them…. Go snort a condom.

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