Hiking in Texas.

I’m spoiled, yes I admit it. Growing up in Minnesota I had great hiking.  A state covered with over 10,000 lakes, public parks, and The Boundary Waters Canoe Area.  I come to Texas, and it’s not the same.  Not even close. For starters, the dam heat. I get so hot during the summer that even a gallon of water lasts me maybe 60 min.  And I always carry my Camelbak for backup.  And the un-godly heat brings out the critters.  Large and small.  I try not to complain. However, I just don’t enjoy hiking in TX for at least 6 months out of the year.  And lastly, my poor companion k9, Niecko, hates the heat.

However, on a positive note, there are a few favorite places we enjoy hiking. Within a 60 min drive of San Antonio is Marble Falls, Perdanales, and Gudalupe SP.  All three od these have water for Niecko to enjoy after and even durnig a hike.  Depending on what time of year you go, dependeds on the crowd. I would at all cost avoid Guadalupe on a weekend in the summer.  Its a hot spot for water seakers as the park sits on the river.  The trails however try to avoid the water, but aguna for my dog, he loves to lie in the water after a hike.

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