Hiking Enchanted Rock

Deep in the heart of Texas is a remarkable state park that any visit is memorable.  Enchanted Rock situated just a few miles from Fredericksburg lies in the beauty of hill country. Even the drive to the park is breathtaking.

Once you pay your nominal entrance fee, you wind through a small barrage of campgrounds and picnic areas.  The most convenient parking lots are at the back of the park.  From there one can see the marvel of Enchanted Rock.  Standing about 2000′ above the ground, An ominous dome of the original rock.

The initial climb is not so bad.  Natural steps take you a few up the rock about 1/8 of the way.  After that its all rock. Wide open space.  Flat inclined rock to the top.  There really is no climbing.  Is basically walking up a flat rock.  A steep, flat rock.  As you proceed, you are greeted by the winds and the breathtaking views of TX.

Depending on your abilities, the climb can take a toll on your body.  However, making it to the top is definitely a can do. Once on the top its every man for them self. The views are stunning in all 360 degrees. However, looking northeast one can see genuine TX.

Coming back down, we usually just backtrack our path up.  Once down, we like to find a close day use sight and enjoy a picnic.  After a meal and clean up, we set out on our second venture, a loop around the dome.  Its a 6 mile basically flat walk. With a well-planned trail, we just like to take time to enjoy nature.

Lately, we have been getting into geocaching.  Enchanted Rock has a few there.  It provides entertainment for the kids and even myself. Many of the hides are off the beaten path so use caution.

One warning, if you travel with dogs. The first time we brought our GSD up there by the end of the hike up, we noticed he did not want to walk.  Upon closer examination, we saw his paws had been torn up and bleeding.  Once we got home that day and researched, I discovered that granite will tear you K9’s paw’s up.  We purchased a pair of “hiking boots” for him for future hikes there, and haven’t had that issue since. Also know that recently dogs are no longer allowed on the summit trail, the trail to the top.

Overall our experience with the Enchanted Rock SP was pleasurable and enjoyable.  Its a must do it you’re coming to TX to visit or a resident. And after your day one can enjoy the town of Fredricksburg.  A quaint German town just a short hop away.  With many shops and eateries, it could in itself be a whole day trip.



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