My west coast travels


Have been stationed on the west coast for three years, I had ample opportunity to see many sights.  As you can see from the above map, I have visited everything from Mexico to Vancouver, BC.  Some of my all-time favorite places still are…

  1. Mt Rainer National Park, Wa                                                                                             Mountains that is all you need to say to me to get me hooked. The drive to the park is beautiful.  Large towering trees, narrow roadways, and small little quaint towns sparsely decorate the route. Once in the park, my first warning is:  you can’t be afraid of heights or sheer cliffs. As you will travel over one or two of them as you make your way to Paradise.  Paradise is the ranger station located at approximately 7500′ feet of elevation.  But before you get there, of course, there are a few must-sees to do along the way.
  2. Seattle, Wa                                                                                                                                  What can I say about this city.  It’s amazing. This city I have been all over.  Some of my all-time favorite places have to be the Space Needle, Pioneer Square, and Fishermans Wharf.
  3. Los Angeles, Ca

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