Still Married


23 years 7 months and 10 days as I write this. That’ss how long we have been married.  Pretty impressive for meeting 2 Dec 1993.  I then went on 30 days of leave and came back and spent many nights away training.  Mainly dated for 3 weeks on and off.  How did I know she was the one you ask?  Gut feeling!  Deep down I knew from the start she was my best friend. I had to get past one small obstacle that went against what I believed.  She had a daughter, and I could not stand the father. However, I looked past all that and found the good in her. At first, it was hard. I have always been a very jealous person.  A quality I have tried for years to fix and have succeeded.

So the first few months were a lifestyle change, going from single to instant family.  However, having the ability to adapt to ever-changing situations, we, made it work.

My wife has been there through everything and more.  She has helped me make some difficult choices in life, helping me with my injured back, helping me through periods of severe depression and that just name a few.  She has also been my supporter through diabetes.  I believe a reliable support system is needed for any of the above ailments.

More to come…

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