Hobies and free time


Yes, I love to travel and explorer un-known areas. Both high and low. I’ll go deep into the jungle or forest to find new and exciting places. Seriously if life permitted, I would live on 100′ sailboat and let the winds take me around the world.  I chose sail because I don’t want to rely on a man for fuel.  I only wish to have enough fuel to help out in these need to motor places, marinas and such.  I have climbed some pretty massive mountains, all US based.  There is nothing more thrilling then rock climbing, knowing each move you make has to be carefully thought out or it might be your last. If the opportunity arose to climb in other countries, count me in. I also find backcountry and high altitude camping restful and sometimes much needed.  Needed just to regain sights of whats required here in the real world.  I would not count my time in the field with the Army exactly camping, however, it was fun to just get out in the woods.  One of my favorite camping places is Cougar Pass on Mt Rainer.  Right around 6,500 feet, its a camping spot situated back in the woods off the beaten path.  With an abundance of sights. There still can be a waiting list.  Not too from the sight is the Nisqually River.  A river that runs all the way to the Pacific ocean.   On the mountain, though it comes right from the glacier and is pretty cold. Surrounded by tall pines and large rocks, it’s tranquil.  All you can hear is the roar of the river and an occasional call of a bird.  When the clouds are high, you also have an unobstructed view of the mountain, a truly magnificent sight.

I love to rappel. I learned how to rappel my first few months in the Army.  One day on the tower and I was hooked.  I have spent numerous hours rappeling off structures and landscapes that would make my mother cringe. A lot of time has been spent in Mt Rainer National park in Washington state. At one point while living in WA, I asked and asked the Space Needle in Seattle for permission to rappel from their structure, I always got a firm no. At least I asked.  We had a small group so addicted to rappeling we found ways to rappel in the staircase in our barracks, little challenging, but we accomplished it.


ya not me, but something I would have done


SCUBA, another hobby I enjoy.  As of today I probably have over 100 logged dives. 90% of those in the Carribean. A few in Panama and the WI and MN. Diving brings another new set of challenges and risk.  Of course, if I were sailing the world, SCUBA would be an everyday activity.  Looking for an even researching lost and missing treasure also brings a sense of enjoyment. Just lately I got into metal detecting here in TX. I am learning there are so many laws regarding the hobby.  However, the beaches are still a viable option.


Martial Arts, been doing it for over 20 years. It’s something I thoroughly enjoy and love.  As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I’m good, at least back in the day.  Had maybe considered Olympics, but my life went a different direction.  Before joining the Army, moving to Japan and just studying martial arts was a possibility.  My primary focus has been Tae-Kwon-Do. However, I have studied Karate, Shotokan, Judo, Kempo, Tai Chi, and Ninjitsu.


If ever presented with the opportunity I would hike the CDT, John Muir trail or PNW trail, all trails in the Rockies.  I really have no desire to hike the Appalachian trails or surrounding trails. However, I would unequivocally explore Maine and the surrounding states.

More to come…

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