Initial diagonese


Well, one would have never thought diabetes would strike me. As a high school student, I was an athlete.  Active in swimming and martial arts.  Joining the Army, I was even more dynamic.  The infantry made sure of that.

I swam, climbed, rappeled, worked out, rollerbladed, and even surfed.  But my downfall was carbs.  I am a carb junkie.  I love my pasta’s, sandwiches, and any other form of carbs.  I could never get enough.

Well, diabetes is not just about sugar, but how your body uses the insulin, your body produces to control sugar. Insulin helps move the sugar into your bloodstream to cells where it is used for energy.

Well in my case, I did a complete stop to carbs, and my body reacted harshly.  When I first discovered I had diabetes, my A1C  was 13.5.  A normal A1C should be around 6.  And I saw daily glucose readings around 400-500.  Normal is approximately 100-120.  So I had a bit of work to do.  I have been able to bring my A1C to 9.5 respectively and my daily glucose I have seen more in the range of 200.

So what I have done…

Well for starters, diet.  I have pretty much cleaned up what I eat.  This has been difficult.  At 45, I can’t eat what I desire anymore.  And since its really hard for me to exercise, I really have to watch what I eat.  No more late night binges, no more fast food or processed meats.  More vegetables and water.

Another contributing factor to my diabetes is stress, stress can hugely impact the levels of sugar in my blood.

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