Dealing with depression 

10-depression-quotes-that-may-change-your-life-8Well, since this is my 2nd post,  all needs to be told.  I went into the Army a healthy young 18-year-old. However, after spending 20 years in various capacities in the service,  I left with more problems than I ever imagined.  For starters, I suffer from DDD or Degenerative Disk Disease.  This has caused extreme pain in my lower back. I suffer from l4 and l5 and s1 issues as well as sciatic pain. I also have acute arthritis in the neck and shoulders. This brings daily bouts of intense headaches.  I also have severe depression, PTSD, and anxiety. And complicating matters even further, I have been recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.
As time goes on, I will expand on what I do for each one. Until then keep sailing.


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