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“I’ve come too far to quit.”


Welcome and thank you for taking the time to support me and read about myself and my adventures. Here you will find my personal blog that I’m creating. I’m doing it for three reasons. To document my life and how I made things work and to show my travels with my wife. Lastly, and most important, as we travel, I love to meet people. And I really love to meet and talk with veterans. The stories we share are remarkable. Here I will record stories for future generations to read and reflect on. But this site is not just another blog. I like to reward place for good, great and exceptional service. So, you will find many reviews here. I like to find the off the beaten path places. Hire the local’s vs a big box store and enjoy the smaller things in life.

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  • I don’t climb mountains to see the world, I climb so the world can see me.

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